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Специальный кабель RS-232 PC-CCC AVAYA DECT R2

Специальный кабель RS-232 (PC-CCC) для подключения к платам AVAYA DECT R

When using the New DECT Manager, if you have problems with direct connect then use the following pin-out for the direct connect cable.
CCC (9 pin) PC (9 pin)
    1 -------------------------------------7 & 8
    2 ------------------------------------ 3
    3 ------------------------------------ 2
    7 ------------------------------------ 1
    5 ------------------------------------ 5
                                                +----- 4
                                                +----- 6

After installing the new software copy the file DMMSysparameters.OCX file from the Updates folder on the disk into the C:\Program Files\Lucent\DECT Management folder.  After overwriting the existing file with the one from the Updates folder you will be able to save the System Parameters being set in the system to a file on your PC. This will save time if installing other DECT systems as the System Parameters will already be ready for loading.

System Parameters are
Специальный кабель RS-232 (PC-CCC) для подключения к платам AVAYA DECT R2 распайка

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